At St Matthew Academy, being ‘ready to learn’ is one of our three golden rules and therefore a key expectation of every pupil in our school. An important part of being ready to learn is to be correctly dressed in the St Matthew Academy uniform. We believe that the wearing of the correct school uniform creates an opportunity for pupils to identify with what St Matthew Academy represents; fosters pride and significantly reduces opportunities for pupils to become distracted by issues relating to current fashion trends. Being properly dressed in the St Matthew Academy uniform is also a visible symbol of our community.

The Academy secondary phase uniform is as follows:

  • Navy Blazer with academy badge 
  • White shirt and House tie 
  • Black school trousers  or Tartan knee-length skirt 
  • Navy jumper with academy logo 
  • Black school shoes 
  • Black/Navy tights or socks 
  • Plain school bag - dark colour 

Branded Items

  • St Matthew Academy blazer
  • St Matthew Academy pullover
  • St Matthew Academy house tie
  • St Matthew Academy tartan skirt

Non branded items

  • White Shirt
  • Black tailored school Trousers 
  • Navy blue or black tights or white socks,
  • Black leather shoes (no trainer’s plimsolls or canvas shoes),
  • Appropriate rucksack type school bag. 
  • Plain black or navy blue overcoat (no logos),

All secondary pupils are required to wear a lanyard and ID card throughout the day while on Academy premises. A lanyard will be issued by the academy at the beginning of Year 7 and if required at the start of the Academic year. If a pupil’s lanyard is lost or broken a replacement lanyard/card will be supplied once paid for via parent pay.

Coats are not to be worn during lesson times or anywhere in the school building. 


Pupils are expected to wear black leather closed toe shoes. Boots, trainers or other canvas type of footwear is not permitted.


  • Ties should be pulled to the top shirt button
  • Shirts must be tucked in and top button done up
  • School skirts should not be rolled at the waist
  • Pupils are expected to wear black leather closed toe shoes. Boots, trainers or other canvas type of footwear is not permitted.
  • When tights are worn pupils must not wear socks of any colour over the tights.
  • Pupils can wear black / navy coats while outside. Sportswear, hoodies and other coloured coats are not permitted.
  • Pupils are not allowed to wear winter scarves at any point during the school day, inside or outside the school building
  • Headscarves can only be word for religious purposes and must be black or navy 
  • Hair should be of natural colours. We strongly advise that excessively long braids are not worn but if they are, they should be tied back for health and safety reasons.
  • Make Up should not be worn while at the Academy. Any pupil with obvious make up will be asked to remove it
  • Nail varnish and false nails are not permitted
  • Jewellery should not be worn; no piercings are permitted and covering piercings with a plaster is not acceptable

Secondary PE Kit - Macron 

  • Trainers suitable for outside use
  • Navy PE shorts
  • Polo T-shirt (with logo)
  • Black tracksuit bottoms for the winter months (for outside use)

The Academy PE uniform can be purchased from Macron and Bailwood 




For information about our uniform suppliers and costs, please click on the attachments below. 

The Academy also have a selection of pre loved uniform to purchase - Please contact us for more information