Intent: We have a diverse curriculum that aspires to respond to the local and national agenda both intelligently and creatively to ensure all our pupils receive a high-quality learning experience at all times. We are proud of our ambitious curriculum vision. Not only are we fully committed to ensuring our curriculum reflects the community that we serve, but we are also clear that the key strands are fully embedded throughout all lessons and extracurricular opportunities from Year 7 to Year 11.

Key Stage 3 (KS3):

In Years 7 and 8, all pupils study National Curriculum subjects, complemented by a technology and creative arts carousel, delivered in specialised classrooms with dedicated resources and equipment.

At the end of Year 8, pupils are offered the opportunity to hone their skills in two subjects of their choice from the carousel as well as some new subjects. These are called the 'mini options' and pupils can choose from a range of academic and vocational subjects. 

This results in Year 9 pupils studying: English, Language, Mathematics, Science and Religious Education – the core subjects; Geography and History – the humanities; a modern foreign language; Physical Education and their two option subjects.  

To effectively meet the needs of every pupil, a combination of setting and mixed ability lessons are taught within the KS3 curriculum, with a strong emphasis on differentiated teaching and resources to ensure that each student is challenged and extended. Regular and consistent assessment and tracking of pupil progress across the curriculum means regular movement between sets can take place.


Key Stage 4 (KS4)

At the end of Year 9, pupils have the opportunity to make their final choice of subjects to study at GCSE. By this time, pupils should be secure in their knowledge and enjoyment of the subjects, which will enable them to make an informed choice in the next stage of their learning. 

Most pupils are required to follow the English Baccalaureate curriculum which consists of the core subjects studied at Key Stage 3, as well as one humanities subject and one modern foreign language. Pupils are also required to choose one of their option subjects.  

More details about our options process can be found here.

Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHCE) is delivered every week across the secondary phase in line with the National Curriculum.