Catering - Olive Dining

Olive Dining are delighted to be the new catering provider for St Matthew Academy. We are passionate and committed in providing the most nutritious and delicious school meals. Our food is always freshly prepared on site, using the highest quality ingredients. We have a dedicated onsite catering team who are skilled and trained in creating all our menus and dishes.

We offer exciting and innovative menus (see attachments below) which run in 3-weekly cycles, each of which contain a variety of hot dishes with different concepts. Our cold deli bar also offers plenty of delicious, fresh salad options with a selection of freshly filled sandwiches and baguettes.

In addition to our lunchtime menus, we provide an extensive array of food choices which include breakfast items served before the school days starts from 8 to 8.20am.

We also have several fun theme days for students to enjoy which run throughout the school academic year.

For further information you can read our termly parent newsletters visit our website view  or visit their Instagram or Twitter pages.