Most Able Gifted & Talented (MAGT)

Most Able Gifted and Talented Pupils

St Matthew Academy has a designated member of the senior leadership team with responsibility for Most Able Gifted and Talented pupils, in consultation with HoD, DoL and members of the Senior Leadership Team.  The coordinator is in regular communication with each subject area.

Statement of Principles

At St. Matthew Academy, we believe that all pupils should be provided with a level of challenge appropriate to their ability; that this level of academic demand is cross-curricular; that providing appropriate levels of academic demand is the responsibility of every teacher because every teacher plays a fundamental role in developing the skills and building the confidence in each individual pupil to deal with the most challenging tasks. Every teacher has the capacity to build self-esteem, confidence, and achievement in every pupil.

The School recognises students who are able, gifted and talented (MAGT): for some, this may be across the curriculum; for others, it will be in specific subject areas. The school ensures, from early on, that students know what opportunities are open to them and develop the confidence to make the most of these. We offer tutoring, guidance and encouragement, as well as a chance to meet other young people who have embraced higher education.

Definition of Gifted and Talented

By ‘Gifted’ we mean showing abilities in one or more statutory curriculum subjects. Those pupils who are ‘Talented’ display abilities in the areas of art, design, music, PE, and the performing arts.


Following DfE directives, we should be able to identify the most able 5-10% of pupils in each year group as meeting the definition of Gifted or Talented. These pupils will be registered at St Matthew Academy as ‘Gifted or Talented.’ The identification process by which we ascertain this data is based on the following criteria:

  • Is a good reader
  • Is very articulate or verbally fluent for their age
  • Gives quick verbal responses
  • Has a wide general knowledge
  • Appears to learn quickly
  • Is interested in topics which could be associated with an older child
  • Communicates well with adults – often better than with their peer group
  • Has a range of interests
  • Shows unusual and original responses to problem-solving activities
  • Prefers verbal to written activities
  • Is very logical in their thinking
  • Might be self-taught in his/her own interest areas
  • Has an ability to work things out in his/her mind very quickly
  • Has a good memory that s/he can access easily
  • Has flair for art
  • Has flair for music
  • Excels at sport
  • Has strong views and opinions
  • Has a lively and original imagination/sense of humour
  • Is very sensitive and aware
  • Might focus on his/her own interests rather than on what is being taught
  • Is socially adept
  • Is easily bored by what they perceive as routine tasks
  • Shows a strong sense of leadership
  • Is well liked by others

The Role of the Teacher 

The school will actively pursue its ‘Gifted and Talented’ policy, in class, in all subject areas by:

  • Raising our expectations of how St Matthew Academy pupils use learning time in the classroom
  • Creating differentiated academic tasks which demand higher order cognitive and intellectual skills to challenge children
  • Providing access to differentiated resources and materials which support an appropriate level of challenge
  • Providing a range of complex and open-ended tasks which allow exploration of topics being studied
  • Incorporating flexible learning strategies in every lesson to meet the needs of the most able pupils and provide them with an opportunity for developing and broadening their learning
  • Building in opportunities for independent study
  • Monitoring the progress of individual pupils and implementing intervention programmes as necessary
  • Ensuring that the most able pupils receive guidance to further develop their learning opportunities for example with reading lists, extra-curricular activities and of course the recording of regular challenging homework

Teachers strive to celebrate success and ensure that gifted and talented pupils, like all pupils, feel inspired to succeed.