Ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all our pupils is of paramount importance to all staff at St Matthew Academy and we are committed to promoting the highest possible standards of care across all phases. We have an experienced and dedicated Safeguarding team that works closely with a multitude of external agencies to ensure every pupil and family gets the support they need. 

All staff work hard to create an environment where pupils are safe, happy and supported. To  allow our pupils to flourish staff receive regular Safeguarding and child protection training.

Contextualising Safeguarding

We recognise our role in keeping pupils safe beyond the school gates and work closely our pupils to ensure they are aware of the risk in the community and online.  We work with our parents and carers to ensure families are educated about the dangers of mobiles, social media and group chats.  We promote a partnership with the Academy and home to ensure pupil safety so that issues do not arise that can impact learning in within the Academy. As an Academy we ensure staff are on duty within our local community before and at the end of the Academy day.

Our Designated Safeguarding leads are:

Academy Lead - Joanna Chick (Head of Primary Phase)

Secondary - Freddie Magar (Deputy Headtecaher)

Secondary  - Ian Gunningham (Senior Assistant Headteacher) 

Safeguarding Governor - Joan Forrest (Governor)

Ann-Marie Dryden - Child Protection 

E- Safety 

We recognise the importance of ensuring our pupils understand how to behave appropriately and safely online.  Through our assemblies and  PSHE programme we work hard to educate pupils on the dangers and pitfalls of the Internet and social media.  In school, we employ software that monitors pupil online behaviour and will pick up any inappropriate keystrokes, searches or messages so that any concerns can be dealt with swiftly. 

It is important that the approach to e-safety is a partnership between the Academy and home.  We work to both support and educate parents ensuring  online behaviour outside the Academy does not impact on behaviour and learning within it.