Parents' Information Evenings

Parents play an active role within the school community, supporting their children in their work and development. Each Year Group has its own Parents' Information Evenings which are jointly chaired by their Director of Learning and their Senior Leadership Team Link.

These meetings offer parents the chance to speak with their child’s tutor to receive an overview of their child’s progress. There is also an opportunity at these events, for parents to find out about intervention programmes, relevant school trips and other plans that are in place to help ensure their child’s progress. 

Thursday  16 September 2021

Year 11 Parent Information evening

Thursday  25 November 2021

Year 8 Parents evening

Thursday  16 December 2021

Year 7 Parents evening

Thursday  20 January 2022

Year 11 Parents evening

Thursday  10 February 2022

Year 9 Parents evening

Thursday  10  March 2022

Year 10 Parents evening

Thursday  31 March 2022

Year 8 Options evening

Thursday    5 May 2022

Year 7 Parents information evening

Thursday 9 June 2022

Year 9 Options evening

Please see our online calendar for any other dates or events which may interest you.