Exam Information

External Examinations

These are exams set by the exam boards (AQA, Pearson Edexcel, NCFE, OCR, RSL and WJEC Eduqas). These exams count directly towards a pupil’s final GCSE grade or qualification. The school has no control over when these examinations are timetabled, pupils must sit these exams on the published day.

Provisional timetables are issued to pupils during the autumn term. In addition to this, pupils will also be given Statements of Entry to confirm which exams they are entered for in the summer exam season and final confirmation of when their exams are taking place. These will usually be issued at least one month before the exam season begins.

External GCSE’s begin on 11/5/20.

Internal examinations

Year 7 to 10

Internal ranking examinations are set by the school and are used to assess a pupil’s progress in Years 7 -10. All pupils will be formally assessed twice a year in all subjects. These formal assessments are marked and moderated and will contribute to the overall current grade that each pupil receives. These assessments are supported by on-going assessment and feedback in lessons and regular informal assessments completed in class usually at the end of a topic. The assessments will be on topics that the pupils have covered in lessons.

Year 11

Year 11s will undertake pre-public examinations (PPEs and a series of mock examinations) prior to their external GCSE/Level 2 qualifications in the summer.

Prior to each assessment week, all pupils will receive a revision booklet for each assessment. It is vital that pupils use their revision booklet as a guide when completing their revision.

Each revision booklet will include the following information:

  1. Tips to revise
  2. Subject revision lists
  3. Keywords/terms
  4. Revision resources

Below are the dates of the ranking assessment dates this academic year:

Year group Ranking examinations 1 Ranking examinations 2


04/11/19 - 08/11/19

04/05/20 – 08/05/20


14/10/19 – 18/10/19

27/04/20 -01/05/20


13/01/20 – 18/01/20

22/06/20 - 26/06/20


03/02/20- 07/02/20

15/06/20 -19/06/20

Year group PPEs Mini Mock Week


09/12/19 - 18/12/19

09/03/20 – 13/03/20

Year 11 will also sit a series of Tri Weekly Mocks for Maths, English and Science