House System

When children join the Academy they are placed into one of three Houses. The three houses are ROMERO (Red), TERESA (Yellow) and MANDELA (Green), named after Archbishop Oscar Romero, Mother Teresa of Calcutta and Nelson Mandela respectively – figures of the 20th century whose lives demonstrate powerfully the difference ordinary, individual humans can make and are real examples of commitment, dedication, courage and integrity. All three of these individuals truly ‘let their light shine’ and are inspirational role models for our children.

The House system runs vertically through the Academy with pupils in every year from Reception to Year 11 placed into one of the three houses. Pupils stay in the same house for the duration of their time at the Academy and siblings will all belong to the same house.

The house system creates a strong family and community feel and provides considerable opportunity for leadership skills for students as they move through the Academy.

St Matthew Academy is proud to announce three new Heads of House:

Miss Livingstone for Mandela

Mr Salih for Teresa

Miss Downer for Romero

Secondary Pupil House Leaders: 

Mandela House 

Lucy Grund House Leader

Sebastian Whitehead Deputy House Leader

Teresa House 

Abigail Olabode House Leader

Mollie Forrest Deputy House Leader

Romero House 

Kwakye Osei House Leader

Elizabeth Obukohwo Deputy House Leader

Primary Pupil House Leaders: 

Mandela House  

John John-Okoro House Leader

Minnesota Uju Deputy House Leader

Teresa House 

Fodun Olanewaju House Leader

Dammy Smith Deputy House Leader

Romero House 

Abraham Wilson House Leader

Kiril Ognyanov Deputy House Leader