Pupil Council

Pupil voice is fundamental to our offer at St Matthew Academy. Every one of our pupils are entitled to contribute to decisions concerning their academy; including decisions regarding the academy future, the curricula, and the design and the shaping of policies.

We believe that allowing every pupil’s voice to be heard supports the development of our learners into mature and confident young people, fully equipped for the demands of learning and working in the 21st Century. Pupil Council allows pupils to engage deeply with their learning, developing an understanding of their progress, their communication and discussion skills and the ability to negotiate and compromise.

Other leadership opportunities include Form Reps to represent Year Council and Academy Prefect: supporting in the running of St Matthew Academy; assisting and supporting both staff and pupils.


· To provide the platform for pupils to voice opinions and contribute to decision-making on matters that have a direct impact on the experience of pupils attending the academy; including appropriate curricula and extracurricular opportunities

· To encourage pupil engagement in learning and the life of the Academy

· To nurture aspiration; collaboration; independence; persistence and versatility in our pupils

· To embed a culture where pupils have high expectations of their own and their peers’ academic achievement and of conduct, behaviour, and respect

· To promote active citizenship by establishing a functioning democratic body with real impact in the Academy


In the primary phase, two elected pupils from each year group represent the council, with any child in KS2 able to put themselves forward for the role. Meetings take place once each half-term and are chaired by a dedicated member of staff responsible for Pupil Leadership.


Similarly, all pupils in KS3 and KS4 are able to put themselves forward to be elected as a member of the Pupil Council. Meetings occur every half-term and are chaired by a member of the Senior Leadership team with two pupils representing each year group.