At St Matthew Academy we are passionate about helping our community. Our next charitable events are during Lent. We look forward to pupils 'letting their light shine'. 

So far this academic year we have run several charitable initiatives: 

Christmas Tea Party

On Tuesday 17th December SMA held its’ first Tea party for elderly residents of Glebe Court in Lewisham. The Acade­my entertained twenty guests whom whilst eating freshly made cakes, listened to Christmas carols sung by the Gospel choir at the secondary phase and a KS1 class. We look forward to inviting our guests again next year.

The Staff Christmas Giving Tree

As per every year, we ask the lovely staff of SMA to pick a gift tag from the ‘Christmas Giving Tree’. The tags contain ideas for gifts for children. All gifts were donated to the Salvation Army in Lewisham to support families within our community who may not be able to provide gifts for young members of their families. Thank you to all staff that have contributed to the ‘Christmas Giving Tree’.

The Christmas Gift Bag Collection for the Salvation Army

During the month of December, pupils contributed various gifts to the Christmas Bag Collection. All Christmas bags were donated to the Salvation Army. Our Light Bearers presented over seventy bags packed with boxes of minced pies, gloves, jars of coffee and shower to representatives from the Salvation Army on Friday 20th December.

The Christmas bag collection is another example of our pupils’ commitment to letting their ‘light shine’. 65 Christmas Bags were donated to the Salvation Army. Thank you to all of the tutors and teachers at the primary phase that encouraged pupils to get involved in such a worthy cause.

Christmas Carol Concert & Christmas Nativity

Pupils in KS1 and KS2 performed the Christmas Nativity and Christmas Carol concert on Tuesday 10th and 11th December. It was evident from the performances that SMA had some budding actors and future recording artists! The audiences who were blessed to witness the production and concert enjoyed the events. A massive thank you to all staff who worked diligently on the production and for the concert to be a success.

Christmas Jumper Day – for Save the Children

Staff and pupils at the primary phase donned their Christmas jumpers to support the ‘Save the Children’ campaign. The pupils raised over £300 for this event. The Academy will continue to support this event next year.

Christmas Own Clothes Day – Raising money for CAFOD and the Southwark Crisis Fund

The academy raised £1300 for CAFOD and Southwark Crisis Fund through the Non-uniform day. Well done staff and pupils!