At St Matthew Academy we strongly believe that homework helps children to consolidate and build upon what they have learnt in school as well as fostering a culture of independent learners who will advance to the highest level of studies at top universities.

Homework at the Academy will vary in frequency, type, style and format depending on the subject being studied and the class or set your child are in. Tasks may include reading, writing, research or even preparing talks, speeches or presentations. Generally, pupils will have between one and three pieces of homework per evening.

For 2019-20 we are introducing a homework rota for KS3 pupils. The rota identifies the day that the pupil should complete the homework. The timetable is being put in place to ensure that pupils have two homework tasks per day to focus on, nurturing a culture of completing homework on the same day.

This will support pupils, form tutors and parents/carers in the following ways: 

• Pupils will be able to quickly establish a homework routine which is consistent each week and ensures homework is spread evenly across the week. This will promote independent learning skills and ensure all pupils can complete homework to the expected deadline.

• Form tutors will be able to monitor the completion of homework for all tutees more easily through planner checks and discussions with pupils. They will also be able to remind all pupils which subjects are to be completed each night. For pupils experiencing difficulties with homework completion, their form tutor will be able to offer focused support and reminders.

• Parents and carers will be able to monitor the completion of homework, ensuring your child meets all deadlines. In addition, you will be able to use the rota to support your child at home by better organising their time alongside other commitments they have.

Studies have frequently shown that the more often parent/carer support, check and encourage a child to do their homework the better that child performs academically, so it is imperative that you are regularly monitoring your child’s homework to ensure they are completing it on time and to the best of their ability.

We take homework very seriously. Failure to complete homework or to a high standard and failure to hand it in by the specified deadline will result in your child being placed in an hour’s supervised homework detention after school.  There is a robust homework procedure in place to monitor homework at the Academy with different thresholds established in accordance with the number of unacceptable homework’s accrued. The thresholds include pupils being sanctioned, placed on a homework report by their form tutor, meetings arranged with key members of staff dependent upon the threshold reached and in some cases pupils being banned from receiving homework. We would encourage parents/carers and pupils to work with the Academy to avoid this from occurring.

Your child will be issued with a planner in which they can record their homework. At Key Stage Three (KS3) a clear timetable has been stuck in the planner to inform pupils and parents/carers of the subject and day the homework has been set.  We ask parents/carers to sign the planner each week and use the planner to help your child monitor and plan their homework. Regular planner checks at school further ensure children are using their planners effectively and every pupil is expected to have their planner with them each day.

If you have any queries regarding homework please contact the Assistant Headteacher,

Mr R.Wanza - rwa@stmatthewacademy.co.uk