Exam Results

Year 11 Class of 2023

On August 24th, the Class of 23 arrived to collect their long awaited GCSE results. The main hall was filled with excitement as they opened their envelopes to see the fruits of their labour. We are proud to report in English and maths 69% of pupils achieved Grade 9-4 and 54% of pupils achieved Grade 9-5 – this is expected to be well above national averages. Early indicators show that our progress score will once again be significantly positive. Congratulations to every pupil for their hard work and determination.

Miranda Baldwin, the Academy Headteacher said:  “Our Year 11 pupils have achieved great GCSE results, and we could not be prouder of their accomplishments. It is testament to their unwavering dedication to their studies and the exceptional guidance provided by our dedicated teaching staff. These results not only reflect the hard work and determination of our pupils but also highlight the support and encouragement they have received from their families and the school community. We celebrate these achievements as witness to our commitment to academic excellence, and we look forward to keeping in touch with these talented individuals as they embark on the next steps in their educational journey. Congratulations to our remarkable pupils – the Class of 2023”

See what some of our Year 11 pupils had to say on results day.

Abdulbasit Oladejo 

Abdulbasit Oladejo achieve 6 Grade 9s, 3 Grade 8s, 1 Grade 7 and 1 Grade 6, having studied Further Maths as an extra GCSE. Abdul will now go on to study Maths, Further Maths, Economics and Psychology at St Thomas the Apostle in the hopes of becoming an investment banker in the future. Abdul wanted to thank all his teachers for their hard work. He gave sage advice to next year’s Y11 pupils “Work hard from the beginning. Fail to prepare and it will catch up to you.”

Kavin Premkumar

Kavin Premkumar achieved 5 Grade 9s, 4 Grade 8s and 2 Grade 7s, also having completed Further Maths as an extra GCSE. Kavin has received a scholarship to Colfe’s Independent School to study maths, biology, chemistry and physics in the hope to go on to a career in science or medicine. Kavin wanted to thank his teachers “They really pushed me throughout the year and made sure I made the progress to get these results.”

Naomi Alabi

Naomi Alabi grinned as she discovered she achieved a brilliant 5 Grade 9s and 5 Grade 8s. She will go on to study History, Biology, Psychology and English Literature at London Academy of Excellence. Naomi aspires to become a psychologist after university. Congratulations to Vieric Angwe who will go on to study maths, psychology, government and politics and economics at St Thomas the Apostle after achieving 4 Grade 9s, 3 Grade 8s. 4 Grade 7s and 1 Grade 6 including extra GCSEs in French and Further Mathematics. Vieric plans to use his skills and talents to forge his own path as an entrepreneur. Vieric commented “Please take it seriously; hard work pays off. Trust the Lord and thank you SMA!

Danielle Salami

We are incredibly proud of Danielle Salami who achieved the greatest progress in the year group including 1 Grade 8 and 4 Grade 7s. Danielle will also be attending St Thomas the Apostle to study English Literature, Sociology and Religious Education with dreams of becoming a lawyer. Danielle would like to thank her teachers and sister in helping her with her achievements. To future GCSE students she advised “start early, never give up; hard work always pays off.”