Academy Improvement Plan

Our Priorities for 2019-20

  • Further improve the quality of teaching so that pupils make consistently good or better progress by:
  • Teachers raising their expectations of what pupils can achieve

  • Ensuring that pupils who find work easy get on with more challenging work without  unnecessary delay

  • Teachers learning from the best practice found in the school and partner schools.

  • Continue to work with parents to reduce absence, especially for disadvantaged pupils  and those pupils who have special educational needs and/or disabilities

  • Consolidate the training of new leaders so that they have an even greater impact on improving teaching and pupils' outcomes to reduce variations between subjects and groups.

Merging these priorities with the Academy's priorities as identified by the Academy's own review and evaluation, the Academy improvement plan has 7 key priorities  grouped into the structure of the new Ofsted September 2019 Inspection Framework

The Quality of Education  

 1. To ensure, broad balanced and appropriate curriculum pathways for all pupils by delivering         the curriculum 2020 vision

2. To raise the attainment and progress of the underachieving groups by a sharp focus on               using assessment information effectively to support excellent outcomes for all

3. To ensure that reading, writing and oracy are taught effectively across the  Academy

Behaviour and Attitudes 

4. To promote the highest standards of behaviour within the Academy and beyond

Personal development

5. To ensure strong personal development of all pupils through a rich offer of curricular and             enrichment opportunities that embraces our inclusive, caring Catholic ethos

Leadership and management

6. To be an outward-facing, learning hub for the local community and beyond.

Early Years Provision

7. To ensure all pupils have access to an exciting and immersive cross-curricular learning                experience with personalised learning opportunities to enable all pupils to thrive.