Academy Improvement Plan

Our Priorities for 2020-2021​​​​​​

In Oct 2019 Ofsted identified 2 priorities for improvement:

●        Subject leaders in art, design and technology and science are redesigning their subject plans. This is intended to help teachers build pupils’ knowledge and skills in a more ordered, understandable way. Leaders, including middle leaders, need to ensure that curriculum planning in all subjects is effective in this way.

●        At present, the curriculum in Year 9 is not sufficiently broad. Leaders have clear plans to improve this from September 2020. They have made a start by deepening pupils’ learning in some subject areas. Transition arrangements have therefore been applied. Leaders need to ensure that plans to broaden the curriculum in Year 9 are realised.

Despite the partial closure form March 2020 to July 2020 we are confident that strong progress has been made with both of these priorities. Curriculum 2020 development is ongoing with a full review of all KS3 curriculum plans fully completed last year and a newly designed curriculum for year 7 launched in Sep 2020. The focus now to continue this work by developing the year 8 curriculum in line with our vision. Following a review of the curriculum coverage at KS3 a new curriculum delivery model has been implemented from Sep 2020 which we believe is broad and challenging for all and provides a strong foundation for KS4 study. All pupils will now continue to study history, geography and MFL throughout year 9 alongside choosing 2 creative and expressive arts options.

Following the Academy’s own self - review and evaluation of the 2019/20 improvement plan five broad priorities have been identified for this academic year. However, in light of the partial closure of the Academy since 20th March 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, our immediate focus for the autumn term will be on the successful reopening of the Academy to all pupils and staff.

The reopening priorities are detailed below:

  1. Catholic Life and Collective Worship -  to develop all pupils and staffs appreciation, for understanding, of and active participation in Catholic Life and mission of the Academy
  2. Quality of education - To ensure the quality of education is not compromised due to the timetable, grouping and delivery structures in place for the autumn term and to also ensure there is a remote education contingency plan in place
  3. Behaviour and attitudes - To ensure the highest standards of behaviour within the classroom environment and around the Academy site
  4. Personal development - To further develop the house system and adapt the extra-curricular and enrichment offer so that our inclusive, caring, Catholic ethos is maintained
  5. Leadership and management - To ensure the smooth running of the Academy in line with the Covid – 19 Risk Assessment and Planning Tool