Academy Improvement Plan

Our Priorities for 2021-22

This year as we recover from the impact of Covid we will continue to focus on embedding our ethos and culture as a foundation for continuing to improve standards in all areas. St Mathew Academy will provide the very best opportunities for its pupils. We will enable them to gain the academic qualifications and social skills that will give them choices in the future, increase their cultural capital and make them socially mobile. Our pupils deserve the best teaching and we insist on the highest standards of behaviour and learning. We will ensure our pupils believe in themselves and have faith in their ability. It is crucial that our staff and parents also share this belief.

That said the focus for our improvement plan is inevitably on classroom practice.  Planning, teaching and marking to consistently high levels are essential attributes for all our teachers and it is the main role of all leaders to enable this to take place each and every lesson. There are no short cuts and we will have to work hard consistently and collectively to challenge our pupils.

As one body, including our valued support staff, we will approach the next year with determination and confidence.  Although our challenges are demanding, we feel we have the necessary expertise and work ethic amongst our staff to overcome them. All of our staff has something in common. We all care about our pupils and are determined to give them a better future. With this core value in place, we can work together to achieve a common goal.

The Academy improvement plan has 7 key priorities.

  • To develop all pupil’s and all staff’s appreciation for, understanding of and active participation in the Catholic Life and mission of the school
  • To ensure the Curriculum 2020 vision is fully embedded and planned cohesively and collaboratively across all phases
  • To ensure all groups of pupils make more than expected progress by ensuring quality first teaching for every child and intervention is in place where needed
  • To promote the highest standards of behaviour within the academy and beyond
  • To ensure strong personal development for all pupils through a rich offer of curricular and enrichment opportunities
  • To ensure leaders at all levels are able to play their part in leading the future growth of SMA as it becomes a great school serving the local community.
  • To ensure that all pupils have access to high quality teaching across all areas of the curriculum resulting in enriched, culturally diverse and immersive experiential learning.