Religious Education

As a Catholic school, we believe that Christ is at the core of all that we do. Religious Education affords our pupils the opportunity to explore the mystery of God, the teachings of the Church and its application in our daily lives. Pupils also have the opportunity to explore other world religions as part of the RE curriculum.

The RE Department follows Diocesan requirements and teaches according to the Bishop’s Directory for Religious Education. Our aims are to stimulate interest and nurture faith development; foster respect for difference and to promote powers of independent thought; nourish a rigorous understanding of religion and to achieve excellent results across all Key Stages.

Pupils have two lessons a week in year 7 and 8 and three lessons in years 9 and 10 in preparation for their GCSE.  Each teaching room has an interactive board and teachers use a range of resources to facilitate excellent teaching, including online software, which pupils are encouraged to use at home. Both Key Stage 3 and 4 classes are set in RE, enabling pupils to maximise their potential and allowing teachers to challenge and develop pupils’ abilities accordingly.

Key Stage 3

The KS3 RE course is designed to fulfil the requirements of the Curriculum Directory for Religious Studies. This is explored through ‘The Way, the Truth and the Life.’

In Year 7, pupils engage in an introduction unit to RE focussing on key skills and ultimate questions. Pupils continue their studies, covering content exploring Revelation and faith, Gods promise, The Sacraments and The Church. Pupils will also have the opportunity to study the other main world religions discreetly.

In Year 8, pupils explore faith, justice and truth through the works of Gandhi, Dr Martin Luther king, Rosa Parks and Oscar Romero. Pupils deepen their understanding of Catholic faith through exploring significant beliefs, practices and events. This extends to Creation and Spiritual Quest, The Church, the Covenant, The Paschal Mystery and the Mystery of the Eucharist. In addition, pupils will study Philosophy and Ethics.

Key Stage 4

In Year 9 and 10 pupils follow GCSE Religious Studies for Edexcel A Catholic Christianity. This qualification consists of three written examination papers, which focus on the Catholic faith, exploring beliefs and teachings, practices, sources of authority and forms of expression and ways of life within Catholic Christianity, in depth.

Pupils will sit their Religious Studies GCSE at the end of Year 10. 

Pupils also have the opportunity to broaden their understanding of religion by studying the beliefs and practices of Islam. In addition, contemporary ethical issues are studied through Catholic and other religious and non-religious perspectives. Both aspects of this syllabus will be tested.

All pupils are tested every half term to enable progress to be monitored carefully and to allow the sets to be changed during the year as necessary. The Academy ranking exams for each Year group are included in these assessments.

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