Within the Mathematics department, our main aim is to ensure that pupils find learning mathematics to be an enjoyable and fulfilling experience which they will continue to pursue and develop throughout their lives. We also wish to make sure that every student makes outstanding progress during their time here at the Academy as we realise how essential mathematics is to all aspects of everyday life.

The mathematics department consists of a hardworking, enthusiastic and well qualified team of specialist members of staff. The department aims to give the best possible education to each student, and staff work hard to ensure that every student works in an atmosphere that encourages them to use fluency, mathematical reasoning, independent thinking and problem-solving skills. The department provides a positive, focussed learning environment and has an open door policy to encourage pupils at all key stages to come for help whenever needed.

Every teaching room has interactive boards and teachers use a range of ICT packages to aid teaching, including online software, which pupils are encouraged to use at home. Both key stage 3 and 4 classes are set across the year group as this enables pupils to maximise their potential and allows teachers to challenge and develop students' abilities. Every student has four mathematics lessons a week and homework is set at least once a week for all key stages. 

Key Stage 3

In Key Stage 3, our vision is to ensure that pupils' mathematical fluency is secure to enable the pupils to confidently reason and problem-solve. We aim to foster a love of learning mathematics by making links between mathematics and the real world. Key strands that pupils learn about include:

  • Numerical skills
  • Statistics
  • Ratios and proportions
  • Geometry

Key Stage 4

Pupils begin studying for GCSE Mathematics during Year 9, following the Edexcel Mathematics linear GCSE specification (1MA1). The qualification consists of three equally-weighted written examination papers at either Foundation tier or Higher tier. The examinations are all taken at the end of Year 11. Throughout Key Stage 4 the pupils will continue to be tested on a regular basis and sets changed accordingly to allow progress to be maximised. Not only do we expect all pupils to be successful in these final exams, but we want to also create pupils who are highly confident and fluent with all aspects of mathematics so they can then use these skills in further education and everyday working life.

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Recommended Resources

There are a wealth of high quality resources available on the internet for pupils studying mathematics. The Academy has subscriptions for My Maths, PiXL Maths App and Hegarty Maths and these are highly recommended. Pupils all have personal logins for these sites.

Enrichment and Extra Curricular Activities

We are always looking at ways of extending and enriching pupils' understanding and appreciation of the subject. To extend the more able pupils, we take part in the UK Junior and Intermediate Mathematics Challenge, as well as The Count On Us Challenge. The department also runs weekly homework clubs for pupils to attend and offers trips to events such as the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications Festival of Mathematics, the Bank of England and Saint Bartholomew's Hospital. To enable pupils to make real mathematical links to the world, we have special guests visiting the school to share their professional expertise, such as: a doctor and an accountant.