Art, Design & Technology

Within the Art and Design & Technology Faculty our intention is to ensure that all our students in St Matthew Academy understand that design is paramount to the way we live.

The faculty is made up of specialist teachers who deliver transferable skills and knowledge to students across different disciplines, these include, Art, Textiles, Design and Technology and Food Preparation and Nutrition.

Through collaboration the faculty staff have shared their expertise, knowledge and skill with one another, to devise a curriculum which is designed to be relevant. Pathways ensure that students leave with the necessary life skills and information to support their future career choices.

The faculty have high expectations of all students, acknowledging the fact that all learn in different ways and are supportive of their needs. All teachers promote and celebrate students’ strengths in demonstrating the five learning characteristics, which embrace the academy’s ethos.

We aim to encourage students to explore their ideas and show versatility in their approach to every given brief. Students are encouraged to unleash their creativity and enjoy all aspects and opportunities presented to them. We provide opportunities for students to collaborate and work independently in all subject areas which enables nurturing of creativity and personal persistence.

By focusing on these attributes we can ensure that every student realises their full potential and aspires to meet their individual goals in a stimulated learning environment.

Equipment in lessons 

Students are expected to bring basic equipment to every lesson which includes, a pen, drawing pencils, rulers, rubbers and a sharpener. In addition students should have a set of colouring pencils for design work. When participating in Food Technology students will be asked to bring in their own container to package food prepared in lessons.

Literacy Links:

Writing, speaking and listening skills are assessed within each of the subject areas. Students are expected to partake in class critiques, peer assessments, analysis tasks and demonstrate evaluative skills.

Feedback will be provided to students from teachers with an emphasis on spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPaG). All students are expected to read through their literacy work and make corrections where necessary.


Students are expected to complete a task for homework each week. These are strongly linked to the design process and the classwork set. Homework is set to enrich students learning. It is imperative that homework is complete and handed in on time as each piece of work links to the projects throughout the year and will be graded accordingly, contributing to their end of year ranking. Those who fail to complete their homework will be given a negative by their subject teacher and will be expected to complete a 1-hour detention in line with the whole school policy