Performing Arts

Welcome to the Performing Arts faculty, which is made up of three subjects: Dance, Drama and Music. 

At Key Stage 3, students have one lesson per week, which is part of a half-termly carousel. Pupils will take part in each discipline three times over the academic year. Within each rotation, pupils are introduced to new and exciting concepts and topics which are built on throughout the year. At the end of each carousel pupils will take part in a mini performance to consolidate their skills. 

At Key Stage 4, students choose Music or Drama as an option subject. It is an opportunity for the pupils to embrace and experience different methods of learning inside and outside of the classroom, working with our wide range of expertise within the department and external professionals.

The Performing Arts team aim to create learning environments in which students feel safe to take risks, work with others and make creative decisions. We support all students to create live experiences by assisting them to take an active part in music-making, choreography and performing opportunities. All Performing Arts subjects are taught as discrete subjects on the timetable.

Even though each subject has its own identity there is a strong ethos of collaboration and achievement.