Creativity and performance are central to our music curriculum at St Matthew Academy and our aim is to develop students skills in performing, listening and composing through a strong practical focus. Students experience creative and challenging lessons along with many enrichment opportunities extending their learning well beyond the classroom

 Key Stage 3

In Year 7/8 pupils experience a wide range of topics touching which embrace and reflect the diverse culture of our pupils.

Year 7

· Finding your voice/Instruments of the orchestra

· African Drumming

· Keyboard skills

Year 8

· The Blues

· Dance music/Music Technology riffs

· Ensemble Performance 

 Key Stage 4

Students study a 3-year programme to prepare them for the more complex world of music. Alongside classroom lessons, every student receives a subsidised individual music lesson with one of our specialist teachers. With the ever-changing world of music, we have shifted from the traditional GCSE music and made the decision to go with a more contemporary course.

RSL – Level 2 certificate in Technology & Composition for music practitioners

RSL - Level 2 Certificate in performance for music practitioners 

There are two pathways which your son/daughter can take:  Performance or Technology and Composition. The qualifications consist of three types of unit: a core (compulsory) internally assessed unit, a core externally assessed unit and an optional unit. The most attractive element of the RSL course is that it is 100% coursework. This means your son/daughter can concentrate on producing the best work possible as opposed to stressing about a formal exam.


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Recommended resources

Below are some links where you can find further information about GCSE Music:

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Enrichment and Extra-Curricular Activities

We have a wide range of activities to enrich our student’s musical experience. The department runs weekly homework clubs for pupils to attend.

Pupils in Year 7 and 8 will be offered the opportunity to have paired or individual lessons on one of the following instruments (depending on availability): trumpet, flute, piano, drum kit, violin, trombone, clarinet, keyboard, voice, cello, saxophone, classical and electric guitar. Pupils are selected based on prior experience, aptitude and attitude.

We maintain strong links with musical organisations outside of academy thus opening our pupils to a wider musical experience in and beyond the local community.