In the secondary phase at St Matthew Academy, pupils in Years 7 to 10 take two ranking assessments each academic year.

At Key Stage 3, ranking assessments are taken in all lessons except for the carousel subjects, where pupils are assessed while learning each of those subjects.

In Year 11, pupils take two rounds of mock examinations to prepare for their GCSE exams, with some additional examinations in some subjects.

Each round of assessments is followed by analysis by teachers and intervention to help pupils close gaps. In Year 11, mock examinations are used to inform the intervention and revision programme.

Our systems are extremely refined, designed to identify any actual or potential underperformance quickly with rapid intervention then put into place to close any gaps in learning.

Curriculum and Assessment Reform

There is much in the news regarding the reforms to GCSE qualifications. Please see below for relevant documents and a more detailed explanation of the changes.

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