Academic Interventions

Interventions are targeted support sessions, tailored to support students in order to help them to achieve or exceed their target grades or levels and/ or to help them with emotional or social support to be more confident and happy at school.

At St Matthew Academy, we run a range of interventions at classroom, department and whole-school level which are aimed at a specific group of students who have been identified as being in need of support and sometimes open to all students.

Interventions span all year groups and abilities and are guided by current data and student progress.

Academic Interventions on offer may include:

  • 1:1 / small group tuition: Year 11 pupils are targeted for after school intervention sessions
  • Intervention Tutor Groups: Year 11 tutor groups are targeted by progress and attainment to enable revision, study skills and exam strategies are shared and practised on a daily basis
  • Saturday/Holiday Revision Schools: Across all subjects for Years 10 and 11 aimed at building confidence, motivation and skills development in key subjects
  • Literacy Provision: Targeted early morning and after-school  Lexia provision for students who need to develop their reading ability 
  • Holiday Camps/transition projects: Teamwork and confidence building activities, underpinned by academic support in Literacy skills

Students will hear about interventions via their form tutor, school website, letters home and school assemblies and it is advised that if a child is required to participate in a school intervention that they make the most of the opportunity. 

Inclusion and SEN interventions

These interventions are provided by our specialist support staff and come in a variety of forms. Based on the individual’s needs, a tailor-made intervention programme is provided per pupil every half-term.

The interventions available are:

  • HW Club: Homework Club provides the opportunity to work with support staff to understand and complete homework.
  • Writing Club: Writing Club to enable students to confidently increase their awareness of planning ideas and structuring their writing.
  • Guided Reading: Guided Reading to develop strategies to read fluently and fully understand a given text.
  • Literacy through Cooking: A reward session using cooking to raise standards in Literacy and teamwork skills.
  • Social Skills: A small group workshop with a range of activities and resources to help strengthen social communication skills.
  • Maths Club: Maths Club consolidates mathematical skills with a particular focus on real life skills and problem-solving.
  • Wellbeing Club: A small group workshop to promote health, fitness and positivity.

Our Pupil Premium page sets out specifically how we use our dedicated funding to raise aspirations.