Pastoral Care

At St Matthew Academy, we strive to practise the Catholic values of care and respect in all aspects of academy life; especially in the personal development of our young learner’s and their academic achievement. It is our aim to provide every pupil with the opportunities to learn and develop, drawing from Gospel principals to draw out the potential in every pupil, whilst supporting them every step of the way.

We are always ready, respectful and safe so we can let our lights shine. Children who go above and beyond in demonstrating these values, are recognised and rewarded during our weekly celebration assembly with certificates for Star of the Week, Reader of the Week and Writer of the Week. As well as individual awards, the class with the highest weekly attendance is awarded the attendance cup, and the class with the most achievement points are given the title of ‘Class of the Week’.

The most important influences on a child’s values, attitudes and standards are those of family, home and community. We aim therefore, to work in close partnership with parents to encourage all our pupils to have good manners, be kind and develop a sense of responsibility, self-discipline, respect for themselves, for others and for their environment.

The SLT team, inclusion managers and phase leaders support class teachers with pastoral issues that may arise.

Our pastoral structure at St Matthew Academy is based around the class teacher in the primary phase that is always a pupil’s first point of call to offer support in school.

Sports Leaders

We are introducing an exciting new opportunity for our year 6’s this year. We have  appointed nine  ‘Sports Leaders’ , the chosen pupils will receive training in planning, delivering and coaching others in various sporting disciplines and activities. We believe this will compliment their existing skills and develop new life skills.

With the new and developed skill set they will be empowered and supported to organise and run activities during lunchtimes with the younger year groups.