Lunchtime is an important part of our day at SMA as it provides the children with an opportunity to eat and socialise together. Children have the option of either bringing in a packed lunch or having lunch provided by the academy.

Our award-winning catering service offers choice and a selection which caters for everyone’s tastes. Our menus are planned by qualified chefs and the food is prepared from fresh seasonal ingredients using healthy cooking techniques. Each day our chefs prepare a hot main course, a vegetarian option, a pasta dish, and a selection of sandwiches, which are all made on site. In addition, there are seasonal vegetables and handmade salads available as side dishes. for more information visit:

Autumn 2021-22 Menu


There are 14 major allergens which may be used as ingredients in our food, and these are;










Sesame seeds




Sulphur dioxide

When our menu items contain any of these ingredients, they are clearly labelled on our daily menu and displayed around the Academy. If your child has an allergy please contact us. We can add this information to our records and help prevent them from coming into contact with these allergens.


All primary meals are sold as a meal deal at a price of £1:90, and include a main meal + dessert or fruit + milk. 

Universal free school meals

Every child in reception, year 1 and year 2 will receive a free hot school meal, with the aim to improve academic attainment, introduce them to a balanced diet. However from year 3 onwards, parents or carers will need to pay for school meals (at £1:90 per day) or provide your child with a packed lunch.

Paying for Food


All food should be paid for using our online payment system, ParentPay, which can also be used to pay for school trips quickly and easily. You can also view your child’s balance online or register for SMS text alerts.