Key Stage 2

St Matthew Academy Primary Phase is delighted to share with our local community the noteworthy SATs results achieved by Year 6 pupils in the summer of 2018. The academy were thrilled to learn that 76% of pupils are Working at Expected Level in Reading; an increase of 21% from 2017 and above the national average. The upward trajectory of success continued, with 68% achieving the expected level in Writing, 70% in Maths compared to 47% (2017) and 70% in SPAG; a 14% increase from 2017.

In addition; pupils Working at Greater Depth in Reading, Maths and SPAG increased in 2018 compared to 2017 results, with 22% working at this level in Reading, 20% in Maths and 34% in SPAG. Pupils have worked extremely hard in the lead up to the exams, with 68% of the cohort attaining the expected level or above in Reading, Writing and Maths Combined, higher than the local authority and national average.

The pupils’ successes and achievements embody our school vision of helping students become successful, confident learners; make outstanding achievements through our high standards and cultivate their ambitions to instil excellence for all, in our inclusive Catholic community.

Head of Primary, Lorna Beckley commented: “I am extremely proud of all pupils at St Matthew Academy Primary Phase. All staff is dedicated to helping every child reach their true potential through a rich and personalised curriculum, and I would not only like to congratulate every child for their triumphs, but thank our staff for their ongoing commitment to them. The results are a testament to everyone’s hard work and I am sure they all pupils will continue on their journey of success. Wishing everyone the best of luck at secondary school – and those attending our secondary phase – see you soon!”






Average progress scores 


-2.3 0.7


Average ‘scaled’ scores





% of pupils achieving the expected standard or above


68% 70% 68%

% of pupils achieving the high standard of attainment


0% 20%