Key Stage 2

St Matthew Academy Primary Phase is delighted to share with our local community the noteworthy SATs results achieved by Year 6 pupils in the summer of 2019. The academy was thrilled to learn that progress in writing increased to 4.3 compared to -2.3 last academic year and progress in maths also increased to 2.6 compared 0.7 last academic year. Furthermore, 23% of pupils achieved greater depth in writing compared to 0% last academic year and 13% of pupils achieved greater depth in R/W/M compared to 0% last academic year.

Pupils have worked extremely hard in the lead up to the exams, with 62% of the cohort attaining the expected level or above in Reading, Writing and Maths Combined.

  Reading Writing Maths Combined
Average progress scores  0.2 4.3 2.6 N/A
Average ‘scaled’ scores 101 N/A 104 N/A
% of pupils achieving the expected standard or above 64% 81% 70% 62%
% of pupils achieving the high standard of attainment 23% 23% 19% 11%