A Catholic Academy

At St Matthew Academy, the Catholic faith of pupils is developed through the work of the Chaplaincy Team and RE department; demonstrated within the curriculum, prayer and focus events which help facilitate the development of spirituality and faith within our Academy. The Academy's ethos stresses the unique value of each individual and develops in our pupils respect for all faiths. The Chaplaincy Team endeavours to support pupils and staff live out Christian values by serving others. This is demonstrated by half termly charitable events.

Chaplaincy Team at St Matthew Academy

The inclusive, caring, Catholic Christian ethos of the Academy is owned by all its members; The role of the Chaplaincy Team is to support, nurture and facilitate the Academy’s distinctive inclusive, caring, Christian nature and assist the whole school community to grow in its relationship with God. The Chaplaincy Team provides spiritual support and leadership for all members of the Academy community through pastoral care, prayer and worship.

The Chaplaincy Team makes provision for liturgical celebration and offers ‘open door’ pastoral support to pupils and staff across the Academy.

St Matthew Academy endeavours to live out its Christian values by serving others. The academy is committed to supporting the University College Lewisham Hospital’s Children’s ward. Our love and support also extend to other local, national and global causes.

The Team:

Mr Wanza -    Liturgical Worship Lead

Ms Eduvie -   Youth Chaplaincy Lead

Ms Toprak -   Charity Lead

Ms Curran -   RE Coordinator Primary Phase

The Light Bearers -  Youth Chaplaincy Team

Chaplaincy Team Activities

Chaplaincy activities also include:

  • Year group led charity events
  • Whole school charitable events
  • Celebration of whole school masses and services consonant with the liturgical calendar
  • GREAT Time Reflection throughout the week: Gospel Reflection Equals Action Today and resources to accompany
  • Working with pupils in the classroom settings to develop their understanding of RE and their faith


  • Year 7 Welcome Service
  • Feast of St Matthew
  • Start of Year Mass at St George's Cathedral