Year 4 Visit The British Museum

Year 4 pupils went on a trip to British Museum on 29th June 2017. The visit was  part of our topic on 'Scavengers and Settlers.' 

Year 4 have being learning about the pre-history of Britain. The prehistoric period is divided into three ‘ages.' They are known as the 'Stone Age,' the 'Bronze Age' and the 'Iron Age.'

The pupils explored  the different artefacts  from the prehistory of Britain and used them to discover more about what life was like during the ages to adapt and learn new skills in order to survive, which was exactly what our ancestors did in the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages.

Year 4 pupils were excited and fascinated with some of the objects, images and artefacts. They were able to interact with some of the objects in real life which is one of the highlights of our visit.

What the children said:

'I  enjoyed my trip because I learnt a lot about the Bronze and Iron ages. It was very interesting and educative.'  Aarya 4W.

'I really enjoyed my trip to the British Museum as it was extremely interesting. It was one of my best school trips and very informative.'  Arjun 4W.

'I really loved my trip to the museum there were lots of amazing artefacts. It was very interesting and educative.'  Eryn 4W.

'I really enjoyed my experience at the British museum. There were lots of interesting facts about the Bronze and iron age.'  Louise  4W.