Young Mayor of Lewisham Elections 2019

A big week for some of our Year 10 pupils! 

 This year we have three pupils that have put themselves forward to become Young Mayor of Lewisham. This is a great opportunity for our pupils and a way for them to Let their Light Shine!

Candidates as below:

Luke Stevens 

Luke Stevens: Liberating Lewisham

What’s oppressing Lewisham’s students?

I will work my hardest to get you top grades at the lowest prices.

I will do everything in my power to lower pollution and push for clean air.

  1. Why are your revision guides so expensive? Do you feel your education is costing you?

  2. Why is their right to pollute greater than your right to breathe?

  3. Your education is your future; why do you have to pay?

Let’s teach teachers how to teach us through constant, open feedback.

Vote for Luke, Vote for Liberation

Tolani Akinfolarin 

Hello, my name is Tolani and I aspire to be the young mayor of Lewisham for these three reasons:

  1. There should be more athletic competitions. As an athlete I’ve had experiences that not many have received. In school, it’s not fair that only want to have the experience are shut down. I want to change that. I want to try and provide opportunities for everyone. This can also improve the crime rate, which is a big issue. I cannot promise to abolish it, but I can try to find solutions to circumvent/avoid it.

  2. Youths should be taught more life skills. I believe that developing skills such as communication, self-discipline and co-operation can have a positive effect on our future careers. I wish to create workshops to teach life skills.

  3. Being encouraged to do the right thing. We should take more responsibility when witnessing bad situations rather than putting it on social media.

These are not my only ideas. I hope they will be carried out with your help. My good leadership skills could be just what Lewisham needs!

My name is Tolani. Vote for me. I am the voice.

Vedish Gurung 

The three things I would change in Lewisham are:

  1. Raising awareness among youth about young people with disabilities. Young people with disabilities experience lots of rejection, feelings of loneliness and isolation from their peers. It seems society has still not fully integrated youth with disabilities. Greater awareness and understanding of disabilities are fundamental to improving the life experiences of young people with disabilities.

  2. Tackling the problem of school transportation. We would add more buses during school time to prevent children from losing their learning time and of course from being given late detention.

  3. Promoting youth centres. Youth centres are the place where young people can meet and participate in a variety of activities. It helps young people to understand the environment around them and even volunteer to do many things, and I would promote them by working with Youth First.

So before I finish off, my name is Vedish and I hope you vote for me so we can improve the community.

A huge congratulations to all pupils that applied to be Young Mayor of Lewisham. A special mention to Tolani who came fourth with a whopping 817 votes.