Year 10 Work Experience

KPMG Work Experience Placements

Four of our Year 10 pupils were privileged to be selected to complete their Work Experience at the KPMG  Head Offices in Canary Wharfe. Their mentors were impressed with all of their great contributions over the week-long placement. One said 'Their confidence came on in leaps and bounds, they came up with really challenging questions for our stakeholders, pushed themselves out of their comfort zones during presentations and mock interviews, and it was really lovely to get an insight into their personal experiences and their ambitions for the future.'

These pupils continue a long tradition of SMA pupils benefiting from first-class careers experiences at KPMG. In addition to these, all pupils at SMA are given a chance to experience life at the KPMG Head Office with Employability Workshops taking place for all Y10 pupils and a smaller group of over 60 pupils in Year 9 and 10 benefit from a 2 year programme of monthly mentoring sessions with a KPMG staff member.