Sporting Brilliance

Our Year 7 and Year 8 sporting brilliance cohorts have been keeping extremely active this term!

The cohort have been participating an array of baseline fitness testing for their ‘Athlete Profile’ performance booklet.  In addition to these fitness tests, pupils have also taken part in a High Jump masterclass led by Mr Goksel and a strength and conditioning programme with our Fitness expert, Mr Saunders.

For the remainder of this term, the cohort will focus on three key strength and conditioning areas; leg strength, core strength and upper body strength. As well as onsite sessions, pupils will also get to experience working on a professional outdoor and indoor athletics track during their trip to Sutcliffe Park planned for the end of this term.

Lastly, on Saturday 3rd July, the attention turns towards our future Year 7 Cohort as the Sporting Brilliance trials take place at the Academy.