Primary Teaching & Learning

The first half of the autumn term has been exceptionally busy in the Primary phase. We are extremely proud of the resilient and determined attitudes shown by all children and as ever, they have risen to every challenge we have set them. The exciting learning they have been doing is evident from looking in books, popping into lessons or even just taking a walk through corridors. Our ambitious drive towards ever increasing standards is clear to see, as is the fantastic way in which our children respond to these expectations. Below are some examples of particularly memorable learning experiences which have taken place in the last seven weeks.

Year 3 have been truly immersed in the Stone Age this half term. They have been investigating how people from the distant past dressed, hunted and survived in a time almost unrecognisable to our own. Combining art, history, geography and Science, our Cheetahs have had a truly cross-curricular experience and have learned to master and apply their new skills in a range of contexts. In the photo above, we can see two of our children actively learning about Stone Age poo! 

Year 1 received a visit from Grandad from their class book ‘Grandad’s Island’ by Benji Davies! They were able to spend the afternoon asking him some extremely thoughtful questions which really showed how well they had gotten to know the book. This experience also gave some of our youngest learners the opportunity to consider a story they knew well from the perspective of a character from the story itself, and begin to empathise with them - quite an advanced skill for Year 1!