Identity & Belonging

Year 7 English work on Identity & Belonging

Year 7 pupilss have recently started a new unit in their English lessons called ‘Identity and Belonging’. The English teachers have introduced this new unit and have planned lessons that reflect the work that staff at St Matthew Academy have been undertaking based around equality and diversity in our communities.  

Pupils in Year 7 have enjoyed the unit so far and have had the opportunity to explore aspects of identity and belonging through history and real life experiences. In the first week, we looked at the journey of the Empire Windrush and the Windrush scandal, which took place a few years ago. 

There has been some fantastic work produced by many pupilss in the Year group, from written poetry to voice recordings and raps.

A letter to Grandma by Shaely and Windrush Poems by Matthews, Anayah and Rikyla are below.  

You can also listen to Manuella's poem and Sophia, Alex and Marin's rap on our Twitter page