Harvest Festival at St Matthew Academy

Moving into the Autumn term, Harvest Festival has been a huge focus.

On the 16th October, we celebrated across the school, learning about what it is, giving thanks for the food and thinking of those in need. This goes hand in hand with our core values here at St Matthews of love and kindness.

KS1 & 2 had a special guest join them in assembly, Carol, from Lewisham Food Bank. Carol explained the work that food banks do and how many people they support.



Some of the facts shocked the children:

- 20% increase in people using the food bank since the start of 2019

- 4,850 three-day emergency food supplies given to people in crisis last year

With true St Matthew spirit, we did a great job this year, coming together to collect a huge array of donations which Carol was able to take away to really make a difference to those using the Foodbank, just down the road to us. She was astonished by the amount we had donated and hugely grateful - it is safe to say her car was full to the brim as she left St Matthew Academy.

 Thank you to all the families and staff across the school who were able to support this year. If you are interested in the work being done at the Lewisham Food Bank please feel free to visit www.lewisham.foodbank.org.uk where there is tons of information on the work they do and how you can help.