Computer Science pupils visit ColorInTech event

The Computer Science department took years 10 & 11 to The Curtain Hotel in Shoreditch on the 11th October 2019.  The day included leading tech companies introducing students to interactive coding sessions, immersive breakout sessions with VR/AR, design thinking, robotics, AI and gaming.

The sessions were held by:

  • Chelsea FC - Robotics 
  • Hidden Genius - Robots & coding 
  • EA sports - Gaming 
  • Facebook - Virtual reality 
  • Google - Augmented Reality 
  • Oakland Natives - entrepreneurship 
  • Deepmind - Coding 101

Students really enjoyed themselves at this event and immediately saw the link to the programming and computational thinking of the GCSE Computer Science specification. 

This will help students in their programming concepts and hopefully, they will go on to choose a career in tech.

For more info about the ColorInTech programmes visit: