Brilliant Club Graduation

It has been our most successful cohort with 11 pupils from Year 9 completing the entire course.

Congratulations to our pupils who have graduated from this year's Brilliant Club (Scholars Programme).  

The Brilliant Club aims to raise the aspirations of pupils and awareness of the opportunities available to them at the UK’s top universities, and to develop the confidence and skills to apply to these institutions in the future. 

The pupils completed the programme throughout lockdown so all events and tutorials were done virtually, including their graduation. This did not deter them and they showed remarkable resilience and commitment; weekly attendance to the tutorials was 100% and the contribution from all was amazing. Pupils studied a humanities based course, looking at the development of ideas on the end of history; they studied key thinkers and writers from the Renaissance through to the 20th century and are now familiar with names such as Hegel, Kant, Marx and Fukuyama, and were challenged to understand their writings and explanation for how humans have progressed. Their final assignment was to reach their own conclusion on whether we had, in fact, reached an end point in history and this required them to have an understanding of current world events and to explain how history has shaped them.

We are delighted with the outcome for the pupils; the assignment was marked using university style marks. In total 9 of the pupils received the second highest possible grade, a 2:1, so we congratulate Angelima, D’Angelo, Joel, Kassandra, Kavin, Melissa, Rupertas, Vieric and Wendy on their results. Special congratulations go to Abdul and Naomi who achieved a 1st, the highest possible grade showing the effort and progress that all pupils made as a result of the programme.

The pupils celebrated their achievements at their graduation, they were treated to some pizza and had their own mini celebration with each other. They also attended a webinar with the Brilliant Club CEO that included a by Hannah Chukwana, a graduate of Oxford University followed by a session with the University of Southampton, one of the Russell Group universities in the UK.

We are incredibly proud of their achievements and hope it inspires them to pursue their goals in the future assured that they can overcome any challenges with confidence and resilience. A special thank you to the parents and carers who support was vital in ensuring the success of our Year 9 pupils.