Oversight of Pastoral care

The pastoral team in Key Stage 3  is overseen by an Assistant Headteacher and in Key Stage 4 a Deputy Head teacher who also has overall responsibility for the wellbeing and progress of all pupils in the secondary phase.

In the secondary phase the team of form tutors is led by the Director of Learning who is responsible for the well-being and the monitoring of progress of all pupils in a year group.

The form tutor is the key point of contact and support for pupils, parents and carers. Form tutors see the pupils in their care every day and stay with their group throughout years 7 to 11 developing a strong and supportive relationship with them

Key Staff

Deputy Headteacher – Sean October

Assistant Headteacher – Simbi Wickliffe

Director of Learning Year 7 – Tom Part

Director of Learning Year 8 – Victoria Dunne

Director of Learning Year 9 – On Sel

Director of Learning Year 10 – Ricky Lee

Director of Learning Year 11 - Sarah Cefai