In Key Stage 3 (Years 7 to 8) all pupils study the National Curriculum subjects which are: English, Maths, Science, Religious Education, History, Geography, Modern Foreign Languages (Spanish or French), PE and Computer Science. In addition to this, we also value creative and practical subjects, with a technology carousel (art, design and technology, textiles and food and nutrition) and a creative arts carousel (music, drama and dance). These subjects are delivered in specialised classrooms with the most up to date resources and equipment.

There is a combination of setting and mixed ability within the KS3 curriculum and a strong emphasis on differentiated teaching and resources to ensure that each student is challenged and extended. Regular and consistent assessment in tracking student progress across the curriculum means regular student movement between sets.

At Key Stage 4, pupils are offered a choice of extra subjects to support our 21st century approach: Computer Science GCSE, Business Studies GCSE, Professional Financial Qualification (IFS), Physical Education GCSE, Sport BTEC, Product Design GCSE and Media Studies GCSE. There is also an option to study the three sciences (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) separately at GCSE level.