The day to day pastoral care of children in the Primary Phase is the responsibility of the class teachers, and they should be the first point of contact regarding any pastoral concerns. 

There are also additional adults who support class teachers in pastoral issues, including the SLT team, Inclusion managers and the phase leaders. We also have a Family Liason Worker, Ms Whittington, who works with children and families who require support in different areas of pastoral care.

We have a ‘Nurture Room’ in the Primary Phase, which is a designated area where children can feel safe and secure and therefore develop their individual needs further. It has been introduced as part of the school’s Inclusion provision and it offers children opportunities to develop, promote and support their social and emotional development in a relaxed environment. There are timetabled support sessions for individual children within the Nurture Room, and the facility is also used as and when needed to respond the children’s differing individual pastoral needs on a daily basis.