Modern Foreign Languages

Within the department our main aim is to ensure that pupils find learning languages to be an enjoyable and fulfilling experience which they will continue to pursue and develop throughout their lives. We also wish to make sure that every student makes outstanding progress during their time here at the Academy as we realise how essential languages are to all aspects of everyday life.

The department provides a positive, focused learning environment and has an open door policy to encourage pupil’s at all key stages to come for help whenever needed. Every teaching room has interactive boards and teachers use a range of ICT packages to aid teaching, including online software.

At St Matthew Academy we offer two languages, French and Spanish. Lessons are delivered using a variety of teaching methods all delivered in the target language including: games; role play; mime and electronically produced materials. We use "Viva” to support our delivery of the Spanish course and "Studio” for the French course.

The MFL department is fully committed to develop effective linguistic skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening  in French and Spanish and  to  broaden pupils’ understanding of the world by:

  • Immersing pupils in the target language through systematic use of the target language from teachers to pupils  and the use of authentic materials
  • Developing  pupils’ collaborative and independent learning
  • Developing pupils’ creativity by  encouraging  pupils to take part in role play entirely in the target language
  • Broadening  their cultural references

Key Stage 3

In Year 7 and 8 pupils cover a range of topics including  describing family and pets, talking about school, home and hobbies, and cultural aspects. Pupils are assessed every half term to enable progress to be monitored carefully.

Key Stage 4

Year 9 is used to prepare the pupils for the GCSE curriculum ensuring their independent study skills and developed knowledge is secure enabling them to progress to the GCSE as smoothly as possible.

In year 10 and 11 pupils follow the AQA Foundation and Higher specifications.  The qualification consists of four equally-weighted written examination papers at either Foundation tier or Higher tier. The examinations are all taken at the end of Year 11 except speaking, which is a non-exam assessement. Throughout Key Stage 4 the pupils will continue to be assessed on a regular basis. Not only do we expect all pupils to be successful in these final exams but we aim to create pupils who are highly confident and fluent with all aspects of language.

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Recommended resources

There are a wealth of high quality resources available on the internet for pupils studying languages.





KS4 French

KS4 Spanish

Enrichment and Extra Curricular Activities.

The department has a Conversation Club in which  native French and Spanish speaking  pupils develop conversational skills with their peers on a weekly basis. A Media club is also run aiming to encourage pupils to listen and watch authentic media resources (films and music) in the language they study.

Pupils are offered a range of enrichment opportunities to enhance the curriculum and this year pupils from year 10 are visiting the Japanese Embassy and The French Institute.