Ethos and Values

Our motto is ‘Let your light shine’. It is taken from St Matthew’s Gospel and captures our belief in the uniqueness of each individual. Our aim is to ensure that the talents and strengths of each pupil are encouraged, developed and celebrated. Our motto is central to everything we do and is encapsulated in our ethos statement:

Successful, confident learners

High expectations, outstanding achievements

Inclusive, caring, Catholic community

Nurturing talent, cultivating ambition

Excellence for all

At the heart of our Academy ethos is our belief in promoting an ‘inclusive, caring, Catholic community.’ This means we welcome pupils and staff from every faith and none; we encourage everyone to take responsibility for their actions and words; we develop our students respect for other faiths and we learn together within the Gospel Values.

Pupils in our school are given a range of opportunities to become ‘successful, confident learners’ both within the classroom and beyond. We also believe that every pupil deserves the chance to develop a range of skills in preparation for their futures. Extra-curricular and enrichment activities alongside targeted academic intervention, pastoral support and challenge are all important strands in this provision.

‘High expectations, outstanding achievements’ in all aspects of academy life are striven for daily by our staff and pupils. We expect our pupils to display exemplary behaviour; our learning environment to be well ordered and pupils to thrive on the challenges presented to them. This enables every child to achieve pastorally, spiritually and academically.

Our staff and children see themselves as active learners, being part of a learning community that seeks to inspire and motivate each other to be the best that they can be. Working in partnership with parents and carers our staff believe they have a crucial role to play in ‘nurturing talent, cultivating ambition.’

As a result we promote ‘excellence for all’ in every aspect of Academy life. Our pupils are challenged to exceed academic expectations through hard work and dedication and are guided by our five characteristics of learning: aspiration; collaboration; independence; persistence and versatility.

When pupils are encouraged to aim high, they rarely fail to live up to expectations and we never limit our children by limiting our belief in them.

The ability to share our thoughts, talents and ideas is what we want to instil in all of our pupils so that they can go out into the world as successful, collaborative, young people.

We want all our pupils to grow into confident, independent learners and so we encourage an independent attitude from a very early age.

The ability to keep going even when you find the going tough, is a difficult but vital skill to accomplish if our pupils are to grow into successful young men and women. We have therefore developed a challenge based curriculum that develops and rewards persistence.  

The talent to adapt to the challenges of the world is a vital life skill and so we develop this throughout the Academy.