Business Studies

Business is an exciting and challenging subject and is taught only at Key Stage 4. The themes in the Edexcel specification are designed to spark pupils’ imagination and inspire commercial thinking as they develop their business knowledge. We use contemporary business context in our teaching and support this with practical and engaging case studies in the classroom. It is important for our pupils to experience real and relevant business examples within everyday life.  This is further supported by exciting and interesting visits where pupils can see their learning in practice, for example our regular visit to Charlton Football Club.

All of our teaching rooms have interactive boards and the use of laptops and ipads for pupils to research businesses and enhance their learning, are also available.

Homework is set every week and the expectation of high quality is enforced stringently from the start.

 Key Stage 4

Currently there are 2 specifications being taught in the Department. 

Edexcel Business Studies Spec Until 2018:

Unit 1: Introduction to Small BusinessSpotting a business opportunity, enterprise, putting ideas into practice, making start up effective and economic context.

Unit 2: Investigating a Small BusinessConducting a controlled assessment investigating a small business.

Unit 3: Building a businessMarketing, meeting customer needs, effective financial management, effective people management and the wider world.

Examination Information:

BS01 (Unit 1) 25 % Multiple Choice paper 45 minutes

BS02 (Unit 2) 25 % Controlled assement

BS03 (Unit 3) 50 % Extended Writing Paper 1 hour 30 minutes

Edexcel Business Spec , First Exam 2019

Theme 1: Investigating a small Business

Theme 2 : Building a Business

Examination Information:

Theme 1: 50 % Paper with extended writing and multiple choice questions -1 hour 30 minutes.

Theme 2: 50 % Paper with extended writing and multiple choice questions -1 hour 30 minutes.

Recommended Resources:

There are a wealth of high quality resources available on the internet for pupils studying Business. The BBC Bitesize is a great way to get an overview of each topic, Bizkidz is an US children’s program that look at many of the topics in a fun and practical way. Pupils are also encouraged to watch programs such as ‘Dragons Den,’ ‘Watchdog’ and ‘The Apprentice.’


Enrichment and Extra Curricular Activities

A visit to Coca Cola factory to attend a workshop and a tour around the factory ensures that the pupils see their classroom learning come to life in a real business involving the oldest brand in the world. Pupils are taken to Charlton football club and focus on a ‘service’ and how the day to day running of a football club has many different aspects of business management.  Each of these aspects are then looked at in detail as the pupils take part in a 10 week enterprise experience that is delivered in conjunction with the club and the Department here in school.