A Day at SMA Primary

 “I love my school. The teachers are very friendly and they make lessons fun and exciting. Every day I learn something new and have made lots of new friends since joining St Matthew Academy, especially in lunchtime and afterschool clubs. Our playground is really big and has lots of things to do, and next year I want to join the pupil council. I’m looking forward to going to the secondary school here like my brother, because he has done really well”. Year 5 pupil


Arrival                                    8.30 - 8.50am                                            

Morning Session                9.00- 10.20am                   

Break                                      10.20 - 10.40am                     

Late Morning Session      10.40 - 12.00pm                     

Lunch                                     12.00 - 1.00pm                       

Afternoon Session            1.00 - 3.20pm                      

Finish                                      3.20pm