GCSE Results and Appeals 2021

After what has been an extraordinary two years in education, the whole community of St Matthew Academy would like to congratulate you on making it to the end of secondary school education. You have been an exceptional year group and we will miss you all but send you into the world with our fondest thoughts and prayers for the next stage in education.

Results Day

All GCSE and Level 2 qualification results will be issued on Thursday 12 August 2021. Candidates should arrive between 10:00am – 12:00pm and report to the Academy field where members of staff will be on hand to direct them to the collection point.


Certificates, when received from the awarding organisations, will be issued to you before the Christmas holiday. Further details of the arrangements will be sent in Autumn 2021.

Concerns about your results

St Matthew Academy has determined grades in accordance with the JCQ guidance[1] and submitted these grades to the relevant awarding organisation by the required deadline. The process of awarding grades has been a rigorous one and has been carried out diligently and carefully by all those involved and in line with the school’s policy and JCQ guidance. We would suggest that you examine these documents below to gain a better understanding of how the process worked this year.

If upon receipt of your results, you think that an error has been made in awarding your grade your first step should be to speak to a member of the St Matthew Academy Senior Leadership Team for advice. If after this, you still feel a mistake has been made then there are two stages of the appeals process:

  • Stage 1 - Centre review
  • Stage 2 - Appeal to the awarding organisation

Stage 1 – Centre review

  • If a candidate believes an error has been made in awarding a grade, then a centre review can be requested by completing the ‘Stage one - Centre Review Form’ form using the link below

Stage one – Centre Review Form

  • This process only applies where candidates believe the Academy has:

(a) failed to follow its procedures properly or consistently in arriving at the grade OR 

(b) made an administrative error

No other grounds for a stage one request will be considered.

  • When completing the form all fields must be completed and the candidate must explain:
  1. How the school has failed to follow its procedures properly and consistently and why that failure was important in determining the grade AND/OR

(b) The administrative error made and what difference it made to the determination of the grade.

  • Completed requests should be emailed to Exams@stmatthewacademy.co.uk before 4:00pm on Thursday 2 September 2021
  • The Academy will complete a full check of the procedures followed to determine the candidate’s Teacher Assessed Grade (TAG)
  • On completion of the review the Academy will share the result of the review with the candidate within two weeks of receipt of the stage one form
  • If an administrative or procedural error is found, St Matthew Academy will submit a request to the awarding organisation to correct the error and amend the grade without the need to submit an appeal to the awarding organisation
  • The outcome of the centre review may result in the candidate’s grade:
    • remaining the same
    • being lowered OR
    • being raised

Stage 2 – Appeal to the awarding organisation

  • Where a candidate is still concerned about their awarded grade(s) an appeal to the awarding organisation will be submitted by the Academy but only after the Stage 1 review has been completed and the outcome has been issued to the candidate
  • The awarding organisation will not be able to consider an appeal that is based solely on differences of opinion - if the candidate wants to improve their grade they may want to consider entering for the autumn exam series
  • There are three grounds for an appeal to the exam board. They are;

(a) The centre did not follow its procedure properly or consistently in arriving at the result, or during the centre review

(b) The awarding organisation made an administrative error in relation to the result

(c) The centre made an unreasonable exercise of academic judgement in the choice of evidence from which to determine the grade and/or the determination of that grade from the evidence.

  • If the candidate believes any of the above to be the case then a request should be sent to Exams@stmatthewacademy.co.uk for the Academy to proceed with an appeal to the awarding organisation on behalf of the candidate
  • St Matthew Academy will email a copy of the ‘Stage two – Appeal to awarding organisation Form’ to the candidate.
  • The completed form must include an electronic signature and date and should be returned as an email attachment to Exams@stmatthewacademy.co.uk
  • Candidates completing the ‘Stage Two – appeals to the awarding organisation’ paperwork must include an explanation of their evidence in one or more of the allocated spaces under the heading ‘Evidence to support an appeal’ in sections 1,2[a], 2[b], 3[a] or 3[b].
  • The exam board will use an independent reviewer to consider the candidate’s evidence and return their findings to the school which the Academy will pass onto the candidate.
  • All stage 2 requests must be received by the Academy by 4:00pm on Wednesday 15 September 2021. This will allow time for submission to the awarding organisation before their deadline.
  • The awarding organisation will determine the grade at appeal and the outcome will be final and as with Stage 1 the outcome of the appeal may result in the grade
    • remaining the same
    • being lowered OR
    • being raised

Note - Once a finding has been made you cannot withdraw your request for a centre review or appeal and there is no further opportunity to appeal the outcome to the awarding organisation

Also note that if a grade(s) are lowered as a result of the appeal the candidate cannot revert back to the original grade received on results day.

For more information, please refer to the Department for Education’s blog


Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding, and we wish you and your child all the best with the future.

Ms Wickliffe - Assistant Headteacher & Ms Walker - Exams Officer