Moving from primary to secondary school is an important step in every child’s educational career, and often a daunting prospect for both the pupil and family. At St Matthew Academy, we are dedicated to ensuring this transition period is as enjoyable as possible for pupils, and develop a series of events to help the pupil settle in at St Matthew Academy, long before their first day.

We want to ensure that every pupil has an understanding of what is expected of them, what we will promise them and the chance to meet our passionate and friendly staff before starting their next chapter with us. I look forward to welcoming you and your child to our dynamic, friendly and dedicated academy.

Mrs Simbi Wickliffe, Transition Lead

 Transition Programme 2017-2018

As educational leaders, it is our responsibility to help your child fulfil their potential and develop the whole child – the programme of activities starts the moment the pupil is offered a place at St Matthew Academy. Here are some of the features of our 2018 transition programme:

Friendship Afternoon

Every pupil offered a place at St Matthew Academy will be provided with the opportunity to take part in an interactive programme of events; providing an insight into the learning experience offered at the Academy and the chance to meet some of their new peers.  Parents will hear from the Head of the School, members of SLT and the Year 7 pastoral team to answer any questions and learn about what awaits their child.

Assessments – 21st May

Pupils will complete an assessment that will ensure every pupils are placed in the correct teaching set that will allow for the appropriate level of support and that they are adequately stretched and challenged.

1:1 Interviews – June

Every child and their family will take part in one to one interviews with a senior member of staff to ensure the pupils strengths, needs and talents are understood; in order to ensure pupils are encouraged and developed in the way best suited to them.

Induction Day – 6th July

All new pupils will participate in a day of taster lessons and activities to familiarise themselves with their new learning environment, meet their new teachers and friends, supported by our Year 11 prefects.

First Day – 4th September

To ensure a smooth start and that pupils settle in; St Matthew Academy run a staggered start date. Year 7 pupils will start a day ahead of the rest of the school; buddied with Year 11 prefects to help them find their way around and answer any questions.

Autumn Term

Students will embark on a three-day residential camping trip; incorporating team building activities and encouraging students to utilise our learning characteristics: aspiration, collaboration, versatility, persistence and independence.

Parents Welcome Evening – September

Parents are invited to the Academy to meet with the Y7 pastoral team, including their child’s form tutor and Director of Learning to discuss their child’s progress and transition to secondary school.

“My first term at St Matthew Academy has been so interesting; I have learnt so many new things and started studying new subjects, all whilst making new friends and taking up new hobbies. I am really glad I came to St Matthew Academy; I made the right choice”. Lydia

“For any parent, the idea of their child starting secondary school can be worrying. St Matthew Academy has kept me included in every step of my daughter’s learning and keep on track of the progress she makes. I have noticed the improvement in the quality of her work and I know she is enjoying herself at the academy”. Y7 Parent

“Before attending St Matthew Academy, I lived abroad. I was very nervous about coming to secondary school in another country and didn’t know if I would settle in, however the school environment was incredibly friendly, and the school ran many activities that allowed us to make friends before lessons started. I really benefitted from getting to know my peers and understanding that the teachers are there to support you throughout the transition period. Staff always made sure we understood what was expected of us, the tasks given and that they would give us a high standard of teaching. I’m looking forward to achieving my potential here and studying Criminology and Forensic Science at University”. Rohanna Munda, Y8  

Support for your child

At St Matthew Academy, we strive to practise the Catholic values of care and respect in all aspects of academy life; especially in the personal development of our young learner’s and their academic achievement. It is our aim to provide every pupil with the opportunities to learn and develop, drawing from Gospel principals to draw out the potential in every pupil, whilst supporting them every step of the way.

We recognise that education is a collaborative and cooperative enterprise and that although we emphasise our role in meeting individual needs, those needs must be met within the shared community life of the Academy and within an atmosphere which is positive, supportive and conducive to learning.