Pastoral Care

St Matthew Academy strives to be a Catholic community in which principles of care and respect are valued, with emphasis on the development of the child or young person through academic achievement and personal development. We aim to give every pupil the best and most appropriate opportunities to learn and develop. We take our ethos from Gospel principles and work to draw out the potential in every child and young person.

The most important influences on a child’s values, attitudes and standards are those of family, home and community. We aim therefore, to work in close partnership with parents to encourage all our pupils to have good manners, be kind and develop a sense of responsibility, self -discipline, respect for themselves, for others and for their environment.

We recognise that education is a collaborative and cooperative enterprise and that although we emphasise our role in meeting individual needs, those needs must be met within the shared community life of the Academy and within an atmosphere which is positive, supportive and conducive to learning.

Class teachers and Form Tutors

Our pastoral structure at St Matthew Academy is based around the class teacher in the primary phase and the form tutor in the secondary phase who is always a pupil’s first point of call to offer support in school.