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Arts faculty

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Students in character for the 2011 musical Little Shop of Horrors

The Arts faculty is run with the idea that we're creating artists, actors, musicians and sports people out of our students. We offer a range of learning activities and after-school clubs to enable students to experience creating musical, artistic and dramatic work, and to participate fully in a wide range of sports.

Throughout the year we put on as many opportunities as possible to allow our students to display their artistic and sporting skills, from exhibitions and musical evenings to a yearly drama performance. This year we are performing the very popular high-school musical Grease. The PE department also have a programme of fixtures to promote sporting competition with other schools.

Spotlight on Ms Smith

Ms Smith is our excellent dance teacher, who shares her time between us, for three days, and the Laban Dance Centre in Deptford. She is a skilled choreographer, responsible for all the choreography in Grease. She also runs a number of dance groups which have been invited to dance at the Laban, Catford Broadway and other venues. Ms Smith can be found in the dance studio, where you will have to fight your way past studetns stretching, popping, breaking and leaping at all time of the day, to find her.