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  • School matron - St Matthew Academy

School matron

The Academy has full-time school Matron on site who is based in the Academy health centre. She is able to treat minor accidents, distribute medicines as instructed, deal with daily issues and give advice on upcoming vaccinations. If your child becomes ill in school and needs to go home, Matron will contact you, using the emergency contact number you have given.

Matron cannot prescribe medicines but she keeps the children's spare inhalers or prescribed medicines needed during the day.

Matron also keeps the medical information you give us and is able to support children with chronic conditions. She liaises with the community health team, organises vaccinations and provides health education, advice and information.

If a child needs emergency sanitary wear, rips their clothing, soaks themselves in a puddle - or generally needs personal emergency help - Matron is there to provide it.