London Health Commission hearing. - Latest News - St Matthew Academy

  • London Health Commission hearing. - Latest News - St Matthew Academy

London Health Commission hearing.

9th May 2014

IMG_7235IMG_7231IMG_7243St Matthew Academy hosted a London Health Commission hearing, attended by a mixed group of professionals and representatives including Dr Andy Mitchell, Director of NHS England for London, Nick Raynsford, MP for Greenwich and Woolwich, Dr Maggie Atkinson, Children’s Commissioner for England and Victoria Borwick, Deputy Mayor of London.

The chance to host such an important event stems from our emphasis on health and wellbeing here at St Matthew Academy, partly through our we have in place a training programme in order for students to learn lifesaving skills, remain calm in situations when others around them may be panicking and be able to react quickly and efficiently when it is a matter of life and death. Our students showed a demonstration CPR lesson at the hearing and Andy Mitchell, said that St Matthew Academy was an exemplar to schools throughout the country due to its investment in Outdoor Education and extracurricular provision aimed at encouraging young people to lead healthy and active lives.

This work is collaborated with Saving Londoners Lives, and the hearing was a perfect chance for SADS UK to present us with our own on-site defibrillator which will benefit the school and the wider community, paid for by our Christmas Fayre funds and other collections Founder of SADS UK; Anne Jolly said 'SADS UK is pleased that St Matthews Academy has supported the SADS UK Big Shock Campaign and now has a defibrillator on their premises. If a person suffers a cardiac arrest delivering CPR together with using the defibrillator is the most powerful combination used to save lives, early intervention is vital.  The defibrillator in place at the Academy is simple to use, and it won’t deliver a defibrillation shock unless it needs to.'