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Roof garden

St Matthew Academy has decided to grow its own fruit and vegetables. Not only is growing things great fun and fashionable its an important educational tool for kids learning and development. 

On the roof garden we grow a variety of crops organically. In our first year of cultivation we have grown aubergines, courgettes, marrows, pumpkins, tomatoes, chillies, lettuces, radishes, beetroot, strawberries, raspberries, dwarf runner beans and many herbs. We have also planted miniature fruit trees and with tender loving care we hope to reap the benefits in years to come. Much of the food produced has found its way onto the restaurant menu for pupils to eat at lunchtime.
We also compost waste from our garden and restaurant and this provides pupils with an opportunity to learn about soil structure, nutrient cycles and the microscopic creatures that keep the planets soil healthy. St Matthew's greenhouse allows children to see the wonder of germination and the practical knowledge on how to care and nurture plants which are fundamental to human existence. 
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