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Primary stage

Primary stage curriculum

The curriculum in primary is based on the IPC (International Primary Curriculum) topics and all foundation subjects including science are taught through the IPC topics (six topics are covered each year). IPC is a very creative curriculum. The children cover history, geography, art, DT, music, science and music through IPC and the current topic they are studying.

Primary children have a specialist teacher for RE, PE, music, art, language (French) and DT, many of whom are teachers in the secondary phase. Having a specialist teacher gives the children the opportunity to use the drama studio, technology labs and cooking rooms, music room and sports facilities that the academy has to offer. It also means children get the chance to meet secondary teachers before they enter Year 7 themselves.

Accelerated Reading programme

It is essential to get children reading as quickly as possible and follow the Accelerated Reading programme. The children read their books, which are banded and relate to their reading level and quiz on the computer to achieve a score. The classes receive points for each quiz taken and the winning class is announced in the weekly assembly. Children are able to take their books home and we encourage that each child in KS2 should read each night for a minimum of 20 minutes. Parents can log on at home and access the Renaissance reading website and check how many quizzes their child is completing. We also have an extensive library which children can choose books from.

Maths and Literacy

Maths and Literacy are taught each day and the government's Primary Strategy is used as a guideline. Where possible these subjects are linked to the IPC topic of that half term.


Children can also join one of the many clubs we offer. We have our own packs of beavers, cubs and scouts. Football is offered on Mondays and Wednesdays with Ms Toprack and we also run booster clubs for maths and literacy for year 6 children. We are currently looking at expanding the range of extra-curricular activities we can offer to primary students.

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