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Foundation for Jimmy

Foundation For Jimmy is working with 25 St Matthew Academy year 8 pupils to organise a Borough Wide Community Consultation and Walk of Peace – Hello Lewisham. The Foundation delivers 20 one-to-one and small group work sessions over two terms to identify a social action project that meets the needs of the school, pupils and local community.

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Pupils will challenge themselves by creating, organising and running a community event for the school, helping them to develop character, confidence, leadership, problem solving and teamwork skills.

Ten experienced teachers, youth workers and peer mentors deliver the programme, which also includes a local community visit day and a London day where pupils visit leaders, organisations and buildings relevant to the project.

The Foundation is working with seven Lewisham schools in our January to July cycle, with another eight signed up for September. Foundation For Jimmy works to build a legacy of peace in Jimmy’s memory and make young people safer. The Foundation runs programmes in schools across the country, provides youth employment and work experience through its cafés in Lewisham as well as having an active Young Citizens group.


“I see how you guys talk to each other and it's like one big family. You love kids so much that you are willing to talk to us and open our eyes to how the real world is.” Dimitri, Year 8.

“Although we have rough edges, when you dig deep you can see that it is a very good community. There are a lot of people within it and they are willing to help you out,” Dimitri, Year 8.

“I think it's good because it gives us something to do on Saturday. Normally we will just go out and do something, but at least today we are doing something constructive with ourselves and learning something,” Jemaine, Year 8.

“I get to do something that I really like to do, and it brings me closer to my community. I want to really help other people now, not have them lose their lives over silly little things,” Carlos, Year 8.

“It seems like they care and I feel more safe around them. We feel like we are all one as a family,” Varaldo, Year 8. 

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